one light of his ways

Story Behind The Song

I wrote this song whilst seeing some war footage... the most change occurs during/after a war... we never take enough responsiibility for what is happening in the world..

Song Length 4:08 Genre World - Reggae/Carribean, Unique - Unclassified
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Cross, Depressing
Subject World, God Language English
Era 2000 and later



I? am always at blame
Too much strength can only break away faith
Hey? it?s just like they say
So much death can only bring about change

But where does all the glory go
To the powers not of the Lord
Leaders do the work of death
Why does that mean I shame instead

Oh? it?s not like it seems
So many dyin? but we still do what we need

So how do I bring faith that?s new
And reach for him without the proof
For only he can change to choose
And of his ways change to move

How? can this be

For now I see this grace that bleeds
Of this fortune does deceive
All the powers his clouded greys
Are only one light of his ways

Where? should we be
So much nothing won?t set me free
When? can we dream
Of your glory in your need

And I will stand to you this day
Aand set in motion and just pray
And I won?t fall where you won?t lead
You?ll be the only one received

I won?t be the first to say
I can?t live again today
When every morning breaks though death
I will always shame instead.

Lyrics allie Producer daniel jenkins/allie
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