I Can't Give You Everything

Song Length 4:59 Genre Pop - General, Rock - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Breaking Up, Suspicion Language English
Era 2000 and later


I Can't Give You Everything

It used to be that you gave every part of you
And only to me
And in turn I gave you every part of myself
It seemed like the perfect way to be
But lately it feels like something's wrong - I can't define it
Is there something that you're hiding? I should know
I've never asked for much
But now there's just something I need
And that's a little honesty

I can't give you everything
I need a little bit for myself
So you can talk about all the plans we made
Then you can put them on the shelf
Because I'm tired of playing with blinders on
And now it's a matter of pride
So don't ask me to forgive you
'Cause I can't do it

I was sitting at the coffee shop this morning
And as I got up to leave
From behind, I overheard two lovers talk about their plans
Talking about sharing all their dreams, yeah
I thought I heard your voice - I thought I must be crazy
Besides, that wasn't where you told me you would be
But when I looked up, I had to sit back down because I couldn't believe
You were doing this to me


Look in my direction
I need to get your attention
Did you really think I was too blind to see

Keep on talking, baby - keep talking
Because I thought I heard an 'I'm sorry' coming through
Could you run that again?
Sit back and take a look around - am I crying?
No - and I'm not trying to get attention
By letting everybody know
But you should have thought about the consequences long ago

Lyrics Alexis M. Antes Music Alexis M. Antes
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