How Did I Get Here

Song Length 3:27 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking Subject Heartbreak
Language English Era 2000 and later


How did I get here
And when will this end
How can I ever be certain
Of anything again
When you took my love
Thought you'd fallen from grace
Granted, maybe we were in the wrong time and place
Oh, but I still consider you a friend
Tell me how does the heart beat
When it's close to the end

I had just begun
To start over again
Taking care of myself
Seemed a means to an end
Then you came along and it knocked me senseless
Never in my life have I felt so defenseless
Oh, but I'd do it all over again
Tell me how does the wind blow
When a storm is rolling in

It looks like I've done it again
Why can't I ever learn, baby
I hate to say it, but I think this time
I'm left a little bit jaded
Even though I saw it coming
From miles away from where we are
Why does every little thing start to change
I hate them changing

On and on and on
On and on and on
We keep changing
On and on and on
On and on and on
We keep changing

Tell me how did I get here
Tell me when will this end

Lyrics Alexis M. Antes Music Alexis M. Antes
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