Heartless Parade

Song Length 3:17 Genre Pop - General
Subject Heartbreak Language English


Heartless Parade, of a love never known
It's such a sad, sad shade
Of hope never grown
You know my love doesn't fade
And my heart hasn't shakin

Jeans and Suede, Indian Jewelry made of silver and jade,
The Renaissance Fairs, down in Southern LA wouldn't have saved us

Lady, you drove me crazy, lady, you drove me crazy

The pain of our love had hurt all it could
It was feeling so strong, it was hurting so good
And then you went along, but you left in a moment

But those times are gone now and I won't forget lovin you just yet
Cause I'm gonna know you truly in my
Hearts dream, in your suede and jeans,

The Heartless Parade of you in the jade

Love's escapades, shed some new light, and it cast some new shade
Of pain in my life

But it's all worth it lady, to learn what real love is

Lady, you drove me crazy, lady you drove me crazy

A fascinating, smart lyric about love and loss and regret delivered by a great vocalist with true pop sensibility. A must listen for music supervisors and song lovers across the board.

Lyrics Alan Lee Carpenter Music Alan Lee Carpenter
Producer Dylan Charbeneau Publisher Dylan Charbeneau
Label Tumbleweed-Records
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