Thank You For Yesterday

Story Behind The Song

My response after living through 9/11.

Song Length 2:47 Genre Pop - General


Who would think that morning, with a crystal sky so blue.
Would change the world I knew, as the black clouds kept rising.

Here without a warning, like lightning with no storm.
And I wonder... what on earth has caused this hate to swarm?

Many dreams now shattered
Many chairs not filled, the destinies unwilled
And the searching for answers.

Will we have tomorrow?
What we shared yesterday.
Now I long just to hear your voice, tell me it's okay.

Now nothing is so certain.
How can I erase that day?
Torn between the shock and hatred.
The heartache and dismay.

Waiting for tomorrow, knowing your not here today.
Let the memories that warm my heart, help me find the way.

I thank you for yesterday.

Lyrics Alan Cancelino Music Alan Cancelino
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