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I'm walking through the woods today
On this path I've been before
The wind picks up, the saplings sway
A hawk takes off to soar

A maple leaf returns to ground
What once was green is red
A single drop of rain has found a new home on my head
All Alone.

The air is brisk, I need a smoke
I sit, the moss is damp
A chimney erects through the trees
An isolated camp

A solo chipmonk scampers past
He seems to know his way
He stops at a broken champagne glass and turns the other way.
All Alone.

I'm a man, a part of nature
Put on earth to live
With other men is in my nature
I have more to give

The water laps upon the edge
Of a brook that once was dry
That borders a magnolia hedge
Thats home to a butterfly

I cross a bridge, continue on this path I've been before
The wind picks up, Rain starts to fall
Leaves fly as two hawks soar.
Not Alone.
Not Alone.
They're not alone.
I'm Not Alone.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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