Fell In Love/A.R. The Songwriter

Story Behind The Song

Just fantasizing about being a King Pin when in all actuality i am just a hardworking man, this song is a "what If" song.

Song Description

This song is a fantasy Harlem Knights kind of scenario where I am leaving my hustling ways behind because i have fallen in love and am having a child. I still seek to hustle from a distance through the lyrics and am planning a sequel.

Song Length 5:13 Genre R & B - Contemporary, R & B - Soul
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cool, Relaxed Subject Change, Life
Similar Artists R. Kelly, Usher Language English
Era 2000 and later


Verse 1
Now all my peeps gon think I?m crazy
After what I?m going to say
But experience is the best teacher
That?s how ya learn ya way
Yall might think I?m getting soft
Cause I love one girl so much
This world?s hard life so short
Playa, playa such and such
Yall might say aint no way
One woman can give me all I need
I can?t say cause to this very day
She still showing me brand new things

Hook (2x?s)
Yeah you know ya boy just fell in love
Met a little shorty got him hemmed up
Her and I be doing the damn thing
When you at the club and you don?t see me

Verse 2
Know all yall know how I hustle
And how I made my name
Did what I had to no excuse
Getting rid of all the proof
Yall don?t think cause yall don?t see me
That I?m totally out of the game
But baby girl is having a little baby boy
And some thing?s has gotta change
So you know where I?m at if you don?t see me
I know yall gon keep it tight I gotta run gotta shop for my son,
Peace and Love that?s right?

I say that to say that this be the day that we be parting ways
Made millions for me and millions for you but today I leave the game
Smack Black and Spoony take the clubs on the East Coast
Ron and Shaft take the clubs an the west coast
Er month have Ron send my cut to me my lawyer?s is on it so be mistake free
I?m getting out of the game

Lyrics Arthur A.R. Richardson Music John Shaft
Producer Sound Boy Killaz Publisher Ironshirt Productions
Performance A.R. Label N/A.

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