The Last Beautiful Day

Story Behind The Song

I was reminded of David Bowie's "Five Years" (Ziggy Stardust) when I wrote this song, in term so the lyric content. My favorite line in the song is the picturesque verse, "Past the corn fields, canola and rye Blowing golden ?gainst the slate blue sky Li

Song Description

Is it a doomsday scenario? Maybe. There's a bit left up to the imagination in this country flavored tune. We're on the highway and the driver, returning home from the mountains, hears on the radio that something 'big' has happened in his city. His loved o

Song Length 4:00 Genre Country - Alternative, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant Subject Worry
Similar Artists David Bowie, Kris Kristofferson Language English


The Last Beautiful Day
by Wilfred Kozub

When the sun awoke me this morn
I didn?t know this day I would be reborn
I thought it was just another day

From the mountains to the city I drive
And I thank God that I?m still alive
But I don?t know what ahead of me lies
This beautiful day

The radio said, ?the world is dead?
And I don?t know if I can go home
But if I turn around, let myself down
Will I see my love again

Past the corn fields, canola and rye
Blowing golden ?gainst the slate blue sky
Like a work of art that you couldn?t buy,
This beautiful day


And the news man has to stay on the radio
He wants to be with his family, I know
And I cry to my windshield for us both
This last beautiful day

This last beautiful day
This last beautiful day.

Lyrics Wilfred Kozub Music Wilfred Kozub
Producer Wilfred Kozub, Jamie Philp, Nik Kozub Publisher Zonik Music Productions (SOCAN)
Performance Wilfred N & the Grown Men Label Zonik Records
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