Say It

Song Length 4:11 Genre Folk - Rock


The SoapBox Project - Say It

I like your moves
and all the things that you do
all through my day I just can't wait
to get home to you

I love your smile
and all the things that you say
they run round and round my head
and never lead me astray

And I know
cherish your time
but it just keeps flying by
and tell me
when did we get so old
so caught up in the grind
that we never take the time
to let anybody know
and it's not right
because every time I hold you
I never wanna let you go
so it's about time
that I say it
and pray that I'm not too late

Since the first time I saw ya
since the first day we met
try as I might
I just can't get you out of my head

I've been telling everybody
even people I don't know
but it'll never do anybody good
if I never say it to you

Written by Derek Ramnarace
Copyright 2009 SoapBox Music Productions

Lyrics Derek Ramnarace Music Derek Ramnarace
Producer Derek Ramnarace Publisher Soapbox Music Productions
Performance Derek Ramnarace Label Soapbox Music Productions
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