Carolina - Live @ The JamBooRee

Song Length 4:20 Genre Folk - Rock, Country - Bluegrass
Language English


The SoapBox Project - Carolina

When I get to Carolina
I'm gonna set my eyes to sea
I'm gonna stare out for miles
And play it over in my mind
And see if I can find me some peace

I had to get out of Wisconsin
On that wagon gonna find my way
And the good lord be thanked
Anything to let go of that drink
Gonna' see if I can find me some peace

But oh I've got feeling
This road will take me back someday
Oh I've got a feeling It won't be long til you see me coming your way

Sittin' in New Mexico
About an hour from the sun
Dippin' skinny in a hole
With some people I don't know
But we're all just trying to find us some peace

When I get to California
I'm gonna dig my toes right in
Sippin' wine straight from the vine
Breathe in, rejoice and just stay kind
And see if I can find me some peace

Written by Derek Ramnarace
Copyright 2009 SoapBox Music Productions

Lyrics Derek Ramnarace Music Derek Ramnarace
Producer Derek Ramnarace Publisher SoapBox Music Productions
Performance The SoapBox Project Label SoapBox Music Productions
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