Miles Away

Song Length 4:22 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later


Out the door and I?m all alone
The big city seems so far from home
But I can?t turn back until I make it on my own

I try so hard each and everyday
I try so hard but it?s just always the same
I never seem to get any better at playing this game

I work my fingers to the bone

But now I?m miles away, and I?m never coming home
Never coming home, never coming home

I made a promise that I thought I could keep
Looks like I got in just a little too deep
Now I can?t turn back but I can?t get any sleep anymore

I try so hard but no one listens to me
Maybe this town and I will never agree
Seems like I couldn?t sell a dollar even if it were for free

Home, it was so good to me
But I, I ruin everything
How could I have been so wrong
I can never go home, never go home, I?m never going

Lyrics Doug Byrkit Music Doug Byrkit
Producer Doug Byrkit Performance The Breakers
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