In The Arms Of A Woman

Story Behind The Song

The romantic thoughts from a man's point of view after meeting a beautiful woman and sharing a romantic evening together.

Song Description

A man meets a beautiful woman and they have a romantic night together, and after he imagines what their furture might hold.

Song Length 5:24 Genre Unique - Waltz, Country - Americana
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Blissful, Endearing Subject Happiness, Joy
Similar Artists Stevie Wonder, Keith Urban Language English
Era 2000 and later



=[1st Verse]=
She takes off her makeup,
and brushes her hair
In my mind I can see her,
as she's sitting there
Getting ready to lay down,
and drift off to sleep in her dreams
A beautiful lady,
what a fun-filled first date
She's one in a million
and me, I can't wait
To hold her again,
and be more to her than just friends

In the arms of a woman
That's where I want to be
{I want to be}
Sharing her love, kisses and hugs
So wild and free
Making plans for tomorrow
While holding her tight
{holding her tight}
Loving her from the inside of her heart
Would make it alright
In the arms of a woman In the arms of a woman


=[2 Verse]=
Restless in her sleep
she tosses and turns
Reflections of me
in her mind makes her yearn
There's a glowing love ember,
that's ready to burst into flame
If I could be with her
I'd speak to her soul
Let me in to her heart,
let my love take control
Sweet Destiny's calling,
So please remember my name.

=[Repeat Chorus]=


=[Repeat Chorus]=

Lyrics Joe C. Weidner Music Joe C. Weidner
Producer Euel Ross, Ray Pairan Technologies Publisher JCW Publishing
Performance TIMBERWOLF Label Indie
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