I'm Country

Story Behind The Song

The life and times of a person who loves living and working in the country.

Song Description

Love of living and working in the country.

Song Length 5:46 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Honky Tonk
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Sociable, Exultant Subject Pride, Present
Similar Artists The Charlie Daniels Band, Garth Brooks Language English
Era 2000 and later


I'M COUNTRY @ Joe C. Weidner {Lyrics}

=[1st Verse]=
I was born in the country, and country's my roots You won't find me wearing any business suits, I wear T-shirts and jeans and cowboys boots When I'm out working in the heat

=[Chorus]= Ohh--Ohh--I'm country

=[2nd Verse]=
I've got a John Deere tractor for tending my crops,An old Ford truck for hauling hay to my stock, I've got a sweet-lovin' woman who likes me a lot
And her loving just can't be beat

=[Chorus]= Ohh--Ohh--I'm country

=[Bridge]= I've got home-grown chickens, a pig and some cows,I've got all the
fresh air "Mother Nature" allows, Don't
use a cell phone, PC, cause I don't know how, But I'm happy and I'm doing fine--
If some body needs something they can hunt for me, I'm self-sufficient living proud and free, Being out in the country's my American Dream, Just livin'
one day at a time

=[Chorus]= Ohh--Ohh--I'm country
=[Chorus]= Ohh--Ohh--I'm country

=[Lead Solo]=

=[3rd Verse]=
I pay my taxes like I'm 'sposed to do
And I live each day by the "Golden Rule"
And if you don't like it I don't give a hoot cause I'm proud of who I am

=[Chorus]= Ohh--Ohh--I'm country

=[4th Verse]=
Well, I served my country wearing Air Force blue, I salute the flag at attention too, I won't take any crap from "bin Laden's" dudes, they can kiss my American ass

=[Chorus]= Ohh--Ohh--I'm country

=[Repeat Bridge/Chorus]=

=[Repeat Lead Solo]=

=[Repeat Bridge/Chorus]=

Lyrics Joe C. Weidner Music Joe C. Weidner
Producer Euel Ross Publisher JCW Publishing
Performance TIMBERWOLF Label Indie
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