Story Behind The Song

Feminism means equal gender treatment. Growing up I was always pressured to be what society expected me to be. As female, I should have the same options open to me as males.

Song Description

F.E.M, Females Equal Men, is a movement created by Saebella. This song represents the views of the artist regarding Feminism and Equality.

Song Length 2:24 Genre Rap - General, Pop - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Subject Femininity, Change


The search for equality
Treated unfairly
For what I got above my knees

I'm looking sexy as fuck
That don't mean I wanna fuck
Don't pressure me boy, look
You gon press your luck
'Retha already told me
Got, what you want
Baby I got what you need
if I say yes im not a hoe
if I say no im not a bitch
so don't be tryna take it like you slick
don't be tryna hit it like a lick
and Listen if I say holup a minute

no stigmas run me
im just dressing for me
you just happen to see
a yes means its a go
and a no is still a no

Gotta let the world know
NO stereotypical gender roles
they don't have no power over me
jus cus I was born with a p, you was born with a d?
so watch me
Count my money like a nerd
might be fighting like a bird
catch me dancing like a hoe
work ya dude, he a hoe
take ya dude at hello
and when its time to go
ill make ya dude tip toe
make ya dude tip toe!
Secret pleasure #1
Count my money on the floor while I thank the most high
Then I throw it up to the sky
Let all the dollars fall down Make money angels on the ground
Have fun like a kid but still stacking chips he aint got that guac? He gotta dip
They say its fire when she spit, then turn around to say yo, she go hard...
for a chick Im like Here we go again

F.E.M means
Females equal Men
Do what you love
Do what you dream of
Not because it's expected
Assumed roles?
we reject it
Let's change the perception

no stigmas run me
im just dressing for me
you just happen to see
a yes means its a go
and a no is still a no

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