07. Testify

Song Length 5:26 Genre Spoken Word - Politics, Unique - Avant garde
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled Subject Existence, Evolution
Similar Artists Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash Language English
Era 2000 and later


© 2012 Rapazzi

I'm spilling my guts
I'm screaming my list
This madness must stop
We're better than this

(verse 1)
I see mothers sons, their hearts ripped in two with so much regret for what they can't do
I see fathers who've failed and misplaced their hope and children so lost resorting to dope
Grandparents with nothing but love in their hearts grandchildren surviving through fits and false starts
I see love so strong while ceasing to wait, righting the wrongs and melting the hate

I see truth so real it burns in my eyes and flushes out memories deceptions and lies
It's this hurt and this pain that devours us whole and keeps us downtrodden diverting our goals
I see families uprooted and lost all they got, they chase just those dreams endangered to rot
I see brothers and sisters blank stares in their eyes as they beg forlorn heroes to tell them no lies

This is not the way
This is not the why
Now is the day
That I testify
I stand before God
I stand before man
We'll fix these things
I know that we can
I'm up on my feet
My fists waving high
I've found enough courage
Now I testify

(verse 2)
I see prophets and poets pointing at signs and gasping for breath as our futures unwind
I see hatred so fierce with its venomous face while the interests rule on with inhuman disgrace
I've seen things so wrong that they spark my unrest as they give me the strength to pound on my chest
With a wind so cold that it builds inner strength as it tightens it hold now held at arms length

Under a sky so dark with its thundering sounds as we're told to believe in madmen and clowns
I see earth so scorched and smoke so thick from humanity's torch that it makes me feel sick
With jails so full of innocent lives injustice is served over lambs mesmerized
Us regular folks seeing death come so near must summon our strength to overcome fear

(repeat chorus)

Well done.

Very interesting message, certainly relevant to what we are experiencing in our present day.

As a lyricist myself, I really enjoyed and appreciated the depth and emotion of your words.


Lyrics Rapazzi Music Rapazzi
Producer Rapazzi Publisher Dreambusters (BMI, ASCAP)
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