Orange Tabby (Same Old Pain)

Story Behind The Song

This lyric is a very personal one for Bobbie Gallup as her late husband 'Dawg' was her inspiration.

Song Description

Song about remembering the pain of losing a loved one.

Song Length 4:15 Genre Country - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Language English


Orange Tabby (It?s the Same Old Pain)

© 2006 Lyrics by Bobbie Gallup ASCAP/ Music by Rachel Kerr

Old man standing on the shoulder
Waiting for the cars to pass
I was slowing down to turn
That?s when I saw the cat
A big old orange tabby
Lying in the other lane
Saw the old guy wipe away his tears
And I had to do the same

I could see his heart was breaking
Cause he?d just lost his friend
And I?d have done most anything
To bring that cat back again
I?ll probably never shake his hand
And I?ll never know his name
But my heart went out to him
Cause losing hurts us all the same

I cried all the way to work
Cause I felt the hurt
Of losing you all over again
It happens when I least expect it
Sometimes it's undetected
But it?s still the same old pain

We can?t prepare ourselves for it
We rarely know the time
It hurts the most when we don?t get
The chance to say goodbye
One minute you were here with me
The next moment you were gone
Though I know I must let you go
My heart just won?t move on

I watched the old man in my mirror
As he picked his companion up
Wrapped him gently in his coat
And he held that broken body close
As I'm sure the good Lord did for you
The day he called you home

CHORUS: repeat

Lyrics Bobbie Gallup Music Rachel Kerr
Producer James Kerr Publisher Gallup 'N Dawg Music
Performance Rachel Kerr (vocals)
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