Let Me Be The Music

Song Length 3:31 Genre Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Mood Glad
Similar Artists Sade Language English


Verse 1
I'm glad I can look back at my life
And never ask myself "what if"
For I know every moment of my life
I've been given a gift
I've always made the choice
To use my voice

Let me be the music
Let me be the magic deep inside of you
Let me be the music
That touches you like nothing else could ever do

Verse 2
I live in hope and I'd die for this dream
To share my music now
For I'd give every second of this dream
To make you hear somehow
This pure melody
Inside of me


If you're standing in a crowded room
Or all alone on a mountaintop
My desire is that this song like the stars
Is never gonna stop

Chorus Out

Tag: For you, I will always want to be
The music that you need in your life

(c)2011. Daniels/Kerr. All Rights Reserved.

Lyrics Michael Daniels Music Rachel Kerr
Producer James Kerr Performance Rachel Kerr
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