Like Whut

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Like Whut? That's how freash and clean I am so you don't even have to ask!

Song Length 3:26 Genre Rap - General


?Like What?
Written by: R. Davis, Q.Millow

Intro: Ladies and gentlemen/ This is an exclusive/ The boy Jerell/ Real Life

Chorus: Like What/ Man I?m so clean/ Hit the club with my fitted, tight crease in the jeans/ A couple breezies in the back a couple more for the team/ Hitten it up in the back smoking pounds of green/

Verse 1: Like what/ Man I?m so clean/ A couple hundred for the shirt plus the sneakers is clean/ From a mill to a hundred/ I?m the realest to run it/ Chopped trees in the Lac, I?m coastin runnin a
hundred/ I keep they faces balled up man/ This Joliet man/ Run `em cut `em tuck `em underneath my cufflinks man/ With French cuffs that would hurt your eyes if you seen `em/ Garage doors
open up they all European/ Or Italian, I keep myself a stallion/ That will keep me dippin low like Christina Milian/ And I ain?t gotta trip I got myself a few of `em/ And everytime I?m out my whip they trippen wantin to give me some/

Chorus: 2X

Verse 2: From my one?s to my K-Swiss/ My fitted hat in all black with a little twist/ And I ain?t gotta push rhymes just to make a grip/ I?ll turn this microphone off and take a quick trip/ huh/ You gotta
know what I mean/ I gotta truck painted blue, but the Caddy?s all green/ No hype man no loose change on the team/ We keep it thuggin little buddy gotta hold out for the green/ We keep a
couple breezies in an out of town/ Stayin at a moments notice ready to lay it down/ On the downlow not to make a sound/ Cause I?m good like that I lay it down/

Chorus: 2X
Chorus: 2X

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Lyrics Quinton Millow, Roderick Davis Music Roderick Davis
Producer Quiton Millow Performance Roderick Davis
Label RL Muisc Group
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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