All I Need

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What Do I need to acheive happiness? Well this song is Jerell's answer! ( Over 25,000 downloads on

Song Length 3:49 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, R & B - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cool Subject General
Era 2000 and later


?All I Need?
Written by: R. Davis, Q.Millow

Chorus: All I Need/ Is a little bit of chrome on the whip/ A nice jay a little something to sip/ All I need/ The top down and a tank full of gas/ Mama straight pocket full of cash/All I Need

Verse 1: All I really need in my life/ Is to, stay grounded and keep my dough right/ A couple Mill up in the bank is alright/ But I know some people that can blow it in one night/ so I, kind of learn from other people?s mistakes/ surround myself with the real and keep my space from the fake/ And understand no matter what they gone hate/ So I keep my grass cut low to keep my eye on them snakes/ What I need a million dollar house for/ If everybody in my circle dead broke/ A couple rings a couple chains a couple pros/ Will keep me tame cause I?m sayin man we go/ Through a lot of lengths
for some change these days/ Use to be for some cut up, now it?s just to get paid/ So much to gain in this game of greed/ But really baby all I need/

Chorus: 2X

Verse 2: Something they can?t take away/ Like a weekend in Vegas/ A month in San Tropez/ a couple dollars for my dad to stay/ Somewhere far/ To keep the devil away/ And keep the stress down/ Somewhere nice and safe so he can lay his head and rest now/ and little Jim Jim a slow down/ And finally understand the world is big you gotta move around/ It ain?t about who got the tightest whip the biggest bread/ It?s all about who get the money to
keep they?re family fed/ It don?t matter who you step over to get ahead/ Cause if you ever fall your gonna need those cats to be your friends/ So I choose my moves like I choose clothes/ The path I pick, gotta match my end goal/ I ain?t perfect man I?m learnin as I go/ but before you judge me, you should know/

Chorus: 2X

Verse 3: Something a little clean/ Maybe a Navi thing/ But I?ve been seeing Lincoln Continentals in my dream/ What about the color scheme/ Probably teal green/ And fill the headrests with hmm ten inch screens/ I know it?s just a dream/ But that?s the best thing/ Cause if I had it in real life I?d never drive the thing/ I?d be in the back seat chillin with my new fling/ Rollin out headed for the night scene/ I ain?t trying to be filthy rich just comfortable/ Know what I?m sayin dog Cliff Huxtable comfortable/ Been makin music for free, getting paid is a switch/ I guess I?m smart, cause I changed my pitch/ Mama gave me life/ Que showed me how to make hits/ My dad whooped my ___/ My brothers told me I could be rich/ So much to gain in this game of greed/ But really baby all I need/

Chorus: 2X

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Lyrics Quinton Millow, Roderick Davis Music Quinton L.Millow, Roderick Davis
Producer Quinton L. Millow Performance Roderick Davis
Label RL Music Group
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