Old Friend

Song Length 3:27 Genre Folk - Alternative

Beautiful Melodys with meaningful lyrics makes this song a big winner in my book. Very well written and recorded.

Cozy, comfortable, and down home, this very conversational song is what personal folk songs are about. Simplistic at the start with keyboards that is like sprinkles of rain, the everyman vocals begin a story of memories. The melody is wistful with the feeling the lyrics portray. It would fit nicely on any folk album or a movie segment.

You have a simple story, told in the way you would talk to an old friend, you tell a tale of our lives of growing older and maybe never meeting again....the story in your song is life and well done....

I love it when the PURE HONESTY comes through in a ballad like this one. The storytelling is stellar. Writer sets the stage and develops the conversational story in a way that is understandable, REAL and clever. Interesting the way the instrumentation works with the gentle guitar picking and scaling piano notes. I liked it! The vocal is crystal clear, a little gritty which goes along with the honesty mentioned earlier in this review. Favorite rhymes: years/beers. The Wife #3 - great lyric there too. Excellent job on a very inspired song!

Beautiful pace , instruments superb , i love the way the piano is expressing its side of the story , every human can relate to this song, leaves me with a warm fuzzy feeling , so brilliant work.

I love the realistic, lived-in vocal. The guitar is beautiful and the lyrics are compelling. I like it! :)

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