When Our Ship Comes In

Song Description

Waiting and dreaming about when your ship comes in.

Song Length 2:47 Genre Unique - General, Pop - General


When Our Ship Comes In
© Penny Towers Wilber and Steve Young

When our ship comes in
We will say goodbye
To all we've been
We will sail the world
Without a care
All our troubles drift away somewhere

When that ship appears
We will say goodbye
To all those years
We will hear that clarion call
Never looking back at all
when our ship comes in

On our own
To parts unknown
Uncharted course
we'll feel the force
We'll set our sails
And we'll go
And so we'll begin
When she comes in

Repeat second verse after bridge
instrumental solo, one verse. Then vocal comes back in at bridge and ends song
with verse 1 and "All our troubles drift away when our ship comes in" as
ending line

Feel free to make alternate arrangement

Lyrics Penny Towers Wilber Music Steve Young
Producer Fred and Dennis Wilber Performance Penny Towers Wilber and Steve Young
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