The Way It Ought To Be

Song Length 2:58 Genre Jazz - General, Pop - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


It just happened somehow
You're a stranger to me now
I would change if I could
but we lost it all somehow
There's nothing between us know
you can do what you want
I don't care anymore
go on with your life like before
If you fall in love
don't tell me
we had enchanted days
the infatuation phase
now it seems like those days never were... was it you who changed
or was it me?
what a change it all turned out to be
now you're gone and I don't know just
why we let it go
each off on our own
believing that's the way it ought to be

Lyrics Penny Towers Wilber and Steve Young Music Penny Towers Wilber and Steve Young
Producer Dennis Wilber and Fred Wilber Performance Penny Towers Wilber and Steve Young
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