The Stable Boy (Acappella)

Song Length 1:04 Genre Spoken Word - General, Unique - Unclassified
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


The Stable Boy
© Helen T. Wilber

If only the stable boy knew
That I watched him everyday
From the hay loft
As he cooed to my horse
And stroked his mane.
If only he knew that
I heard him sing that
Strange little song
About the raven haired girl
As he poured the oats
And filled the pails.
If only the stable boy
Knew I was there
Crouching out of sight,
Stifling a sneeze while
Imagining him proposing
To a golden haired girl like me.

Lyrics Penny Towers Wilber Music Penny Towers Wilber
Producer Penny Towers Wilber and Dennis Wilber Performance Penny Towers Wilber
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