Take Me Away

Story Behind The Song

I heard a lovely instrumental song one day while reviewing on Broadjam and it sparked me to write a note to the composer Stefano Naldi telling him how much I enjoyed his work. He answered telling me he liked my songs and singing. Then he asked if I would

Song Description

The song is about the desire to be taken away to a more beautiful ,peaceful place where one can experience a sense of freedom and calmness. This place could be an actual physical location or the shore of another persons personality.

Song Length 3:44 Genre Pop - Classic, New Age - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Tranquil, Blissful


Take Me Away
(C) Stefano Naldi & Penny Towers Wilber

The troubles of the world
Get me down and they make me cry
I need to go where the blue ocean
Meets the wondrous sky
Were natures' beauty lives
And gently speaks to me
Where natures' beauty lives
Where I can feel calm and free

Take me away
I want to feel the sun on my face
(Take me away)
Take me away
I always long for this
Incredible place
(Take me away)
Take me away
Oh you know that I've
Been here before

Take me away
To your beautiful beautiful shore
And I won't let this life
Worry me now anymore
For a moment

Lyrics Penny Towers Wilber Music Stefano Naldi
Producer Stefano Naldi & Dennis WIlber Performance Stefano Naldi & Penny Towers Wilber
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