Song Length 5:46 Genre Jazz - General, Latin - Jazz
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


© Penny Towers Wilber & Steve Young

Jodapa what's on your mind
Pretty boy you will find
life will run away from you
If you forget your dream
Jodapa you're just a child
Crazy boy you're going wild
Wilder than
Anyone else I have ever loved
I'll stay in love with you
No matter what you do
You think you know me
but what can you show me
I'm just a step on your way
The world is your play ground
you don't know your way round
but I'll be your friend if you stay
Jodapa don't be shy
you'll find the truth by and by
Take it all
and let your heart
Show the way to feel

Lyrics Penny Towers Wilber and Steve Young Music Penny Towers Wilber and Steve Young
Producer Bill Kinzie Performance Nightlife Jazz Swing Band
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