Forever Barely There

Song Length 3:06 Genre Unique - Holiday, Unique - Children
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Forever Barely There
© 2000 Penny Towers Wilber

Ghosts are rather frightening,
Because they?re barely there,
Lurking in the attic,
They give one quite a scare.
Around the stroke of midnight,
Moan the spooky few,
Where they are the rest of the time,
I really wish I knew.
Forever Barely There
Whoa oh oh
Forever barely there
People tend to worry,
Shudder in their shoes,
They listen for the whispers,
Terrified of the boos,
Horrified by the goblins,
That they've never seen,
Indeed they do feel haunted,
They think that ghosts are mean.
They think about the BoogieMan,
Want their doggies near,
Do you understand this feeling?
Me, I think it's fear.
Imagine being frightened,
Always in a scare,
Things like ghosts and hobgoblins,
Forever barely there.

Lyrics Penny Towers Wilber Music Penny Towers Wilber
Producer Don Casale Publisher Alleghany Music Works
Performance Victor R. Vampire
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