Burnt To A Crisp

Story Behind The Song

Wrote this poem a long time ago when I was in a very cynical mood about life. I still have feelings like this but even though the world has become even darker in ways, I am more hopeful and more positive.Somehow this poem makes me smile despite it's con

Song Description

Story about the apparent lack of concern sometimes in the world.

Song Length 1:45 Genre Spoken Word - Poetry, Unique - Avant garde
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


Burnt To A Crisp
By Helen T. Wilber

Burnt to a crisp
His brain rolled
Down the crowed Avenue
But nobody noticed
that was the problem
nobody noticed.
His mind was melted on the edges
by the worlds destructive nature,
it's negative flow,
it?s apathetic overview
but nobody reacted
that was the problem
nobody reacted..
It rolled on by
gathering speed,
still filled with new ideas
faith and hope
for the future of the earth
but nobody cared
that was the problem,
nobody cared
At least he was going
in the right direction
and the big blue truck swerved
in the nick of time,
finally causing heads
to turn
in mild concern.

Lyrics Penny Towers Wilber Music Jan Schaultz
Producer Brad Carter
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