A Fleeting Glimpse

Song Length 1:33 Genre Spoken Word - Poetry
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


A Fleeting Glimpse
© Helen T. Wilber

I caught a fleeting glimpse of you,
Smiling and tan,
Just before you were swept away
By a chaotic crowd of laughing nymphs,
Towards the long ferris wheel line.
Their adventurous hands were all over you
As the line slowly inched forward,
Like a quivering snake of anticipation.
High spirits and promising looks
Inspired you to take a seat
With the curvaceous blond,
The one I recently caught staring at you
Like a blue eyed wolverine
In English class.
You lifted off
Cuddled together, excited.
Your arm crept slowly
Around her shoulder,
You grinned, then hooted,
She glowed.
Suddenly my cotton candy
Made me feel sick
And the thrill of the roller coaster ride
I was about to take
Could just as well be a trip to hell.

Lyrics Penny Towers Wilber Performance Penny Towers Wilber
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