She Wants No Boyfriend, Just A Wife

Story Behind The Song

For so many years, and to this day, gays have been bashed. Prior to the 2000, many gays were beaten up, I wanted to create a song, which would inform people of what these people's lives are like and some of the reasons why they may be the way they are orientated.

Song Description

The tough time a lesbian has to go through in life - performed in a sun-loving/somewhat sultry creative, campy, and social-political way Good for gay and straight outlets

Song Length 4:25 Genre Electronic - Dance, Unique - Avant garde
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Diplomatic, Cool
Subject Homosexuality, Feminism Similar Artists , One of a kind
Language English Era 2000 and later


She rolls up her stockings.
Puts red on her lips
She paints dark purple on her fingertips
She's sultry and sexy
Her body a 10
There's only one problem
She doesn't like men

Lipstick lesbian
Oh so feminine
She looks like heaven
But she's a lesbian

Maybe she's been harassed by men lurching
And feels a female would be more nurturing
Whereas Men have been too demanding
And he spirit, body, and dreams not understanding

When men see her
They really turn on
Until they realize
They can't play along
'Cause guys can't join in her little love games
She doesn't like men
She only likes dames
A strange sort of chick
Most men make her sick
There's no room to kick if you don't wear lipstick.

(Chorus 2ce)

Well some men just want to get laid
So if you're a guy hearing this song Don't be surprised if women walk away

Prays Prays Prays Prays Prays
She prays to God
Please straighten her life
She wants no boyfriend
Just a wife
Her friends and family
Think it's just a phase
Or could she
Be gay?

I'm a virtuous lesbian
Let's get married in Honolulu

Try Europe or Canada

Oh it's just too weird

Oh look
She bought herself
A handheld back massager

Actually it is.

Oh it's just too queer

Honey, that ain't no massager


Buyer beware
For she is near
She's the lipstick, lipstick lesbian
Mystique and sheik
Some call her a freak
The lipstick lesbian


(Series of kisses)

Lipstick lesbian

Is it a genetic disorder

Oh so feminine

It could be her personal preference

She looks like heaven

I pray she needs counseling

But she's a lesbian

And I don't


Lyrics Monique Marissa Lukens Music Adrian Gariba
Producer Adrian Gariba & Rockobilly Publisher Monique Marissa Lukens
Performance Women Speak Out (Feat. Tolerance & Confusion) Label Unsigned / Unique Monique Music

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