Older Women, Younger Guys (VERY Seductive mix)

Story Behind The Song

I noticed that as equality is prevailing with education and job status, so too are women more attracted to younger guys. This used to be taboo, and I chose to be an artist, who is breaking this taboo.

Song Description

If older guys have been dating & marrying much younger women for years, what is good for the gander is good for the geese!

Song Length 3:34 Genre Electronic - Dance, Electronic - House
Mood Enchanting, Engaging Subject Searching for Love, Feminism
Similar Artists Madonna Era 1990 - 1999


(Spoken Intro)

Hello ladies
Are you tired of hearing people say
He's too young for you
You'll look like his mom
Well I'm hear to tell you
Men have been doing it for years
Now it's our turn
What's good for the gander
What's good for the goose
Is good for the gander

I'm looking for a younger guy
He's so appealing
That's just my feeling

When I'm with a young guy
It's a natural high
So if your older than me sir
Don't even try
Hmmp! I'm not into that older man controlling thing
The woman should have dominance

A younger man
Makes me feel so neat
Ooh, he doesn't skip a ba ba beat
I'm into kissing a younger man
Who is so sweet.


That's kissing
Kissing only
Shame on you for trying to take advantage of an older women

So delighting
So tantalizing
I have a preference
That I can't deny
When all's said and done

Some don't think I'm very sober
I am
I'm just a cradle robber

Oh, you'll be 18 in 4 hours
How about that.

(Bridge Spoken)

Why officer! I had no idea he was that young!
Geez! Even I the cradle robber have some standards.
Listen, before you arrest me
Could you just tell me how old you are?


Oh Madonna and Cher
You had the right idea
But Anna Nicole Smith!
What were you thinking!

Come on ladies.
Take down his email address
And let's dance!

So delighting
So tantalizing
I have a preference
That I can't deny
When all's said and done
I like younger guys
Some don't think it's very kosher
I am.
I'm just the cradle robber.

Lyrics Monique Marissa Lukens Music Adrian Gariba
Producer Monique Marissa Lukens and Adrian Gariba Publisher Monique Marissa Lukens
Performance Women Speak Out
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Ionut Mirel Udrea Best Electronic 4/21/2015

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