Story Behind The Song

This song was composed for a video installation for a museum in Pollica (Italy). I had many requests about how the guitar was recorded so here it is: The guitar is an Epiphone EAE5WRNH3 1963 EJ-45 Acoustic Guitar - Wine Red, a beautiful reissue of the Gibson original. I miked it with a Röde NT-5 with Omni capsule, just in front of the hole, about 5". The mic pre is an Amek/Neve 9098 there is no Eq or compression. Reverb and delay are plugins. Delay is H-delay by Waves with a Ping-pong preset modified by me. Reverb is Avid Revibe with my custom programming.

Song Description

This song is a relaxing trip trough the hills of Pollica.

Song Length 6:01 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Serene, Peaceful Subject Mountains, Hills, Spirituality
Similar Artists Pat Metheny Language No Language
Era 2000 and later

Beautiful Acoustic Guitar composition with subtle synth pads underneath. Great work.

It's a very nice sound scape, lovely clean bright guitar sound and low hum that marries well with that. I could see it as the basis for something that would fit well in a movie or tv piece for a reflective moment or similar.

Beautiful song. I can really see this in a tv commercial or in a movie. Great recording and instrumentation.

Stirring, haunting, engaging, mysterious, intense, with a sonic sparkle that pleases the ear, this instrumental is truly enchanting. I could listen to this for hours. The guitar playing is so amazing and it's not just played; it's the kind of guitar playing that comes from a place deep in the heart, transferred to the fingers. To say that I was impressed is an understatement. Mike settings are perfect.

I love the hypnotic melody.

Mellow and soothing piece of music. Very nice - really enjoyed it.

I really like the guitar. I love that particular instrument. This song is very relaxing. I could see myself on the beach watching the ocean. That's something I love doing anyway. I never thought of doing it with music until now. It's appropriate during a sunset or sunrise. I would have my cup of coffee and just sit and listen on repeat. It makes you think creatively and at the same time you can quiet your mind and not do anything but listen.

Just lovely stuff. Really enjoyed the guitar playing and melody and the atmospheric drone works very well. It was a delight to hear a well structured and thought through composition as well as hearing signs of a guitarist (breathing, fingers) in the track. Also it was refreshing to hear development in the melody. This could work so well in film as it's got an evocative, gentle quality that feels very lazy summer, timeless and restful.

Sounds great. Reminds me of Pat Metheny. I listened to this song several times - in the evening and in the morning.

Really liked the subtle echoed repeat of the main hook.

I can see a golden sunset on a countryside. The underlying, constant note (pad) is like the sun setting.

Here are some words I use to describe this song: atmospheric, ambient, dreamy, catchy, heartwarming, introspective, nostalgic, reflective, sentimental, satisfied, contented, relaxed, laid back, peaceful, calm

Good work. I love the ound of the guitar because we need it.

Very pretty guitar. This would be a good backdrop for film or television.

Very soothing instrumental. I could see this as a nice intro or outro to a movie, or possibly background music for film/tv. The quality of the recording sounds great!

I love the feel of this piece... the performance was excellent, the recording was excellent... whats not to like. I would LOVE to write a string arrangement to this. I must confess when I review other people's music on this site I dont always listen to the pieces all the way through.... yours I did. Very nice work.

This is a glorious composition, sounds like it is from a film! It takes you away to a wonderful musical place of peace & tranquility! I could literally listen to this song at bedtime and drift off to La La Land. This is incredible, WOWZA! That's my musical term for when I am speechless for words to express how this moves me!
Great Job!!! Want to hear more from this composer for sure!!!

Moody and melodic piece that reminds me a bit of some of the modern jazz stuff coming out of places like ECM, maybe a bit like the band Oregon. Nice guitar playing with tasteful phrasing and note choice.

nice assorment of sounds

I love the classical guitar intro, very cool

Great recording. Great guitar. Great vibe

I like the atmospheric, gloomy chord which begins the piece, nicely offset by the elegant guitar work. Very nicely recorded. The balance of the instruments is just right. Good sound quality. Nicely mastered. Something of a Pink Floyd feel about the tune.

Music Massimo Carola Producer Max Carola
Publisher Maxsound di Massimo Carola Performance Max Carola (Guitar)
Label Maxsound Records

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