Milkway Drive

Story Behind The Song

This song is the opening track of the album "Transhumance"by Max Carola. The starting point of a trip from the winter to the summer pastures.

Song Description

The starting point of a trip from the winter to the summer pastures.

Song Length 3:12 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Unique - Unclassified
Mood Peaceful, Ecstatic Subject Farm Animals, Change
Similar Artists Hans Zimmer, John Williams Era 2000 and later

I liked the instrument combination. This would be a good television or film piece.

Beautiful composition and arrangement.

It was very calming and had a nice build, would be a good fit for a romance or a mystery film. I could see it being used in a scene for a film.

Nicely produced soundtrack! I like the "sneaky" bass lead footprint in the background and missed it when it disappeared. Nice strings. Very peaceful. Builds beautifully. Good job on the outro.

Takes me immediately to a dramatic movie or tv drama scene. Very atmospheric. Love stuff like this. I see a murder scene in the rain!!

Music Max Carola Producer Max Carola
Publisher Maxsound di Massimo Carola Performance Max Carola
Label Maxsound Records
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