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I was given a rough copy of this cool, low-budget Indie film, to see if some of my songs I already had written and recorded might fit. FIVE SONG IDEAS POPPED OUT as I watched it. This is one. I NERVOUSLY and you could say BOLDLY sent a demo of the song via email to the director/producers and they got back to me the next day saying THANKS FOR DEFINING OUR MOVIE-I was floored, humbled and very excited...Now it opens and closes the movie in two different versions... I

Song Description

It was this dialogue in the movie between the characters LOUIS (Brian Dietzen-NCSI) and MARBLES (Marc Evan Jackson) that inspired this song. They were both GREAT in the movie--fyi: Please read: _________________________ Louis: Do you believe in serendipity? Marble: I do Louis: Me too Marble: Why Louis, on this night do you believe in serendipity? Louis: Because--on this night--I fell in love Marble: Well Louis that is wonderful. Louis: Well it's not so wonderful, she does have a boyfriend and he is so cool and she--(pause) she's way too pretty for a guy like me. And they're perfect together--they're perfect. But, it is still nice to be in love. Marble: You know Louis, unrequited love is among the lesser loves. It's far nicer to be loved in return. Louis: my way is safer... Marble. (chuckle) Maybe so but, love----"love lives on the edge of a cliff" Louis... -------------(Hence my song: WHERE LOVE LIVES) Hope you enjoy...

Song Length 4:34 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Pop - Standards
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Engaging, Endearing Subject Attracted, Crush, Falling in Love
Similar Artists Michael Buble, John Mayer


Love lives on a cliff high above
Love lives on the edge of a cliff high above

So if you fall down
You'll be lying there flat
On the cold, hard ground
Looking up lost at what you thought you found
And you'll be wondering why, you ever made
The dangerous climb-just to find
Where Love Lives...

Love lives on a cliff high above
Love lives on the edge of a cliff high above

But if you can get there
If you can break through the clouds
Into the blue-sky air
You'll be shouting out loud
For nothing on earth compares
To that feeling inside
And you'll know why
You made that dangerous climb, just to find
Where Love Lives...

For you'll be seeing for miles and miles
Raising your hands up to the sky
Spinning around in a heavenly high
Yea, now you're afraid
But if you get on that ride anyway

And you fall down
And you're lying there flat
On the cold, hard ground
Looking up lost at what you thought you just found
At least you can say you tried
With no regret
Now close your eyes and take deep breath

For this dangerous climb just might lead you to find
Where Love Lives

Love lives on the edge of a cliff now
Do you know where love lives? Where Love Lives...

Words and Music by Michael Brandmeier
Copyright © 2012
Email: michaelbrandmeier@gmail.com

Lyrics Michael Brandmeier Music Michael Brandmeier
Producer Michael Brandmeier & Mark Whitcomb Publisher Silent Hawk Music Publishing
Performance Michael Brandmeier Label Silent Hawk Records
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