Vino (Radio)

Story Behind The Song

When I wrote the song, I was in a great mood to dance, and I started with the chorus (I often do that), which is an invitation to dance. The rest just came after that. I wanted a story written at the 3rd person, thinking it would be nice to make a video w

Song Description

A girl is planning to win back a DJ's love Going to his club, the girl will show all her dance talents in order to conquer the DJ's heart and she's inviting him to dance with her.

Song Length 3:39 Genre Electronic - Dance, World - World Beat
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Exultant, In High Spirits Subject Dance, Attracted, Crush
Language Multi-Language Era 2000 and later



all thru the day she tried to scheme on a way
check him out tonight
girl's so annoyed because she feels for the boy
he doesn't know she's alive
that's why she came to change everything
she spreads her wings and then she calls his name
looks in his eyes so wide and says with a smile
this is just for you

vino cu mine in ritmul de dans
forget now everything else
simte ritmul si lasa-te-n dans
everything will come together in the end.

body body body bouncin' girl this is it
things are heatin' up
twistin' turnin' burnin' lost in the mix
tonight the DJ’s in love
kiss to the sky a hand on a thigh
a monstger jam and then she starts to wind
up in the club is where the freaks turn it out**
this is how we do

CHORUS (twice)

Rhythmic section

Tucute-te-asi gurita ta
De luni pina simbata
O zi ‘poi m-as hodini
Si-apoi iasasi te-oi iubi.


Lyrics Ligia Oancea & Blu Sky Music Ligia Oancea
Producer Apple Tree Recording Performance Ligia Oancea
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