Story Behind The Song

True story.

Song Description

The heartbreaking story of a daughter living two worlds appart from her mom receiving the news that her mom passed away.

Song Length 5:33 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Troubled Subject Sorrow, Mother
Similar Artists Bryan Adams Language English
Era 2000 and later



It was an ordinary morning
when I woke up.
I eat and drank my coffee slowly,
a new day to start.
Nothing seemed unusual in the light of dawn,
Only that I didn't know my mom was gone.

The phone started ringing like a prankster
in the quiet day.
Didn't know if I should answer,
my feet felt like clay.
Not expecting anything, I just picked it up
Someone was telling me that my mom's heart had stopped.


I wish that I could see your face
in dreams at least, in dreams.
To hold you tight in sweet embrace
in dreams at least, in dreams.
Mama ... mama ... mama...

I didn't know who was howling
in the quiet morn.
The time has stopped and I was wondering
why the sun shone.
The other ones all came to me not knowing what to say,
They told me that now she was safe and I should pray.
I wanted to tell them: "That's OK,
it's just a nightmare."
My mom was fine, what were they saying,
she still has time to spare.
I just spoke with her today, she was doing fine;
And I still have so many things to tell her in time.


I took the plane to go to see her
as I always did.
It was a holiday for others,
happy all they seemed.
Life was rolling all along, all around me.
"Please stop!" I wanted to cry to them, "for you can't see."

I opened the door expecting to hear her,
but the air was still.
She lay quietly in the hallway,
waiting I could feel.
"I'm here", I told her bravely, "I came to say goodbye.
Don't worry, you'll always live in me, you'll never die."

Mama... mama ... mama ... mama ... mama ... mama...

Lyrics Ligia Oancea Music Ligia Oancea
Producer LO Productions Performance Ligia Oancea
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