Story Behind The Song

One of five short piano pieces composed together in 2012.

Song Description

Easy listening-romantic piano solo.

Song Length 1:56 Genre New Age - Neo Classical, New Age - Meditative
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Peaceful, Tranquil Era 1900 - 1920

I felt this melody was filled with hope. It also was a melody to which I, who never really meditate, at least would be able to empty my mind, if played, and relax.
I named the melody At the end of the rainbow, because we are always told there is hope to find there and this melody was like a very comfortable blanket filled with hope.

Beautiful composition. The changes at :50 through 1:10 were pleasant and complemented the A section very well. Song is presented perfectly, the velocities on the passages are just right. Great feel in this piece.

Simplicity, when done well is a a very beautiful thing. This is done very well. Don;t hear chords like this very often. That ending, not resolved at 1:23 great. Never heard it unresolved before! I don't think I've heard better use of some really solid jazz chords. I really like the way your lines feed each other, my wife has been harping on me to do this.

This is a very relaxing song and it is inviting. The piano instrumentation is clear.

Hi! This is a very original piano song with an amazing sound and very good playing! Congratulations and good luck!

Piano music similar to this can sometimes sell quite well.

very nice piano work. love the melody, not just everyday, good substance. like the melodic variation later on...lends allot of interest.

Very relaxing, and proffesional sounding!

Music South Florida Gosepl Music Award nominee Kevin Desire Producer Jonathan Inoa, Rudy Ellis, & Kevin Desire
Publisher Cle-Ru Publishing Performance Kevin Desire
Label V.A.D. Music Group
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