Song Length 2:19 Genre Pop - Alternative
Lead Vocal Female Vocal



tell myself you love me
then I tell myself that it ain?t so
the sun will only shine
where you?re lovin? grows

it?s been dark and starless
ever since you?ve been away
tell myself that it?s my fault
now I gotta pay

you got me turning, turning, turning on myself
don?t trust the thoughts that tell me, warn me that you?re someone else

you come and muck things up
and really try and confuse me
might be the most beautiful person
that I?ve ever seen

the funny thing about this all
is you might possibly
be doing all this damage to my heart

you got me hot and cold
and in between the temperatures
don?t know which one I need;
a bathing suit or a sweater

a lamp is flickering inside my head
both day and night
just wanna fall asleep
forevermore burn out the light

Lyrics Kara Harris Music Kara Harris
Performance Kara Harris
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