If You're Lovin' Me

Song Length 2:04 Genre Pop - Alternative
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


If You?re Lovin? Me

told myself I wouldn?t do this
you?re happy now that?s all that matters
why I feel I have to prove this
through my brain, it shakes and rattles

kept away from you for so long
kept away for only your sake
now I know away from you?s wrong
wonderin? now if it?s too late

call you baby, say you love me
tell me you?re still thinkin? of me
doesn?t matter where you?ve been since
if you?re lovin? me, if you?re lovin? me

reassurance all I want now
even though I still can?t have you
if I have it I will somehow
live when you love someone new

I still think of you
I still love you so
I still want you to know

instead of hurting you and me
I will write lyrics to this song
and hope they will help set me free
even though you?re movin? on

Lyrics Kara Harris Music Kara Harris
Performance Kara Harris
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