Sweet, Softly and Slow

Song Length 3:47 Genre Pop - Alternative
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


Sweet, Softly and Slow

the sentiments you carry
are buried in my soul
and though I often vary
you always play your role

the burden of my love
for you will take it?s toll
when you sing to me
sweet, softly, and slow

I love you, I love you so
but I suffocate our love
this is why you go
but I will adore you evermore
?cause you sing to me
sweet, softly and slow
and I can?t take it anymore

I used to have a baby
but his love for me died
and now I die for him
every day inside

I?ll never live again
unless I push aside
the memories of him singing
this is why I cry

so dance with me
and we will sing
underneath a blue
and starry sky

Lyrics Kara Harris Music Kara Harris
Performance Kara Harris
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