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Here's a very nice Review on "First Kiss" from a blogger ( in Brazil. If you don't speak Portuguese it says See how the beauty of the first love can shape your world, destiny and perception, because in the secret of these verses, you will live this incredible feeling again, you will dance in moments of intense joy, even if internally, and your day will be happier. Experience this magic of feeling loved and wanting well, for the first time. Veja como a beleza do primeiro amor, pode modelar seu mundo, destino e percepção, pois no secreto desses versos, você viverá novamente essa incrível sensação, dançará nos momentos de alegria intensa, mesmo que internamente, e seu dia será mais feliz. Experimente essa magia de se sentir amado e querer bem, pela primeira vez.

Song Length 3:04 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Folk - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking Subject Falling in Love, Searching for Love
Language English Era 2000 and later


First Kiss ©2022Walker
1 I can't find you. On the corner of my soul
And if you call me, I'll come running on my own
I first kissed you, I remember, you touched me
We discovered a new secret
It's not the time for us, you never said I'm the one.
It's not the time for us, you never said I'm in love.
2 It's not over, sorry what I said.
Told your sister, that I miss you nightery and day.
Please forgive me, crazy things we say
I need to see you. Will I see you?
Bridge If you only said it, I would be there with you.
If you only said it, if you only said it.

Lyrics Kevin Walker Music Kevin Walker
Producer Octavius Crowley, Kevin Walker Publisher Kevin Walker
Performance Riley McEvoy, Octavius Crowley, Kevin Walker
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Pop - Easy Listening #9
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