Love Is Stronger

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A song for Warriors and Patriots. Love you, Dad.

Song Length 3:34 Genre Country - General


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He hadn't slept for days and they knew he was thinking something through
So they just knelt together and they prayed.
He came to them in uniform, said he was leaving Sunday morning
Told them the decision that he'd made.

He said "Dad, you taught me there's a time to fight,
And Mama, you said 'always have the strength to do what's right'

And you know I hate war, but I love freedom more
And Love is stronger."

The sounds of war filled up the sky, thunder made the heavens cry,
Smoke and fire falling down like rain.
The smell of death was everywhere as he sent up a silent prayer
Asking that he might see home again.

And his soul is sealed with the life he gave
When he went back to find another he could save

Fear was in his heart, but so was Love
And Love was stronger.

Love is stronger than the tyranny of angry men
Stronger than the vanity of evil without end
Strong enough to offer everything and never count the cost

That's the power of, that's the kind of Love
That keeps a willing god upon a cross.

The battle rages all around, every soul's a battleground.
There are some who've fallen, some are gone,
And there are some still half asleep while warriors and angels weep
As every day the same continues on

And sometimes you might not know where to begin
The enemy would have you think that you can never win
But don't give up, don't surrender, don't give in

'Cause hell is full of hate
But God is Love,
And Love is stronger.

I liked that there was a short introduction and it got your attention very quickly. By starting the lyrics early, you drew me into the story right off the bat. The lyrics were bueatifully written, such a nice story about going off to war and then it being about God's word.. They were touching and we all needed to be reminded that freedom is not free. You put it into words beautifully. I liked that you brought God into it and made it so tender. I loved this song. You did a great job.

This is a well written, well recorded and well performed song. Wonderful vocal performance! Nice short intro. Music simmers nicely in the first verse. Lyrics are well constructed. Great hook. Some nice imagery. Fine lyrics. Arrangement is professional. Recording is broadcast quality. Hook works with different situations in the verse. Great instrumental performances. A fine song & recording.

Lyrics K-onna Music K-onna
Producer Tom Worth Performance Cord Ransome
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