It Just Might Be Love

Story Behind The Song

Written for student short film based on 3 short stories by O. Henry.

Song Description

A humorous perspective on the similarities between love and other less enjoyable things.

Song Length 2:36 Genre Jazz - Lounge
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Relaxed Subject Falling in Love
Similar Artists Norah Jones


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You say that you can't seem to eat,
Your heart is racing and you're burning up with heat.
Well, it's true that it could be the flu, but it just might be love.

They say you stare off into space
And wear a constant silly grin on your face.
It seems plain that you're going insane, but it just might be love.

If the room starts to spin or the fog that you're in doesn't clear,
Well, that light up ahead doesn't mean that you're dead,
It just means that your sweetheart is near

You say stars are all that you see.
It could be a concussion, but take it from me --

If you hear bells start ringing or heavenly singing,
It may be a fire or the Mormon Tabernacle Choir,

But, Baby, maybe it just might be love.

Beautiful vocal,the singer sells the song superbly in a sensual way. The instrumentation and arrangement are very strong too. Great musicianship all round. A short song but not a wasted second.

Wow......homerun......fantastic song and recording! Everything from the hook, vocals, musicianship is top notch. This song has market potential for sure. This sounds like an artist who is taking their recording career seriously and is probably already achieving success on some level.

Lyrics K-onna Music K-onna
Performance Melissa Pace-Tanner
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