Lost Without Your Love

Story Behind The Song

We recorded this tune at least three times before we got it right. The first two are hard rock versions that just didn't capture the feel we wanted. I think the third time's the charm!

Song Description

Minor 6/9 excursion into some of life's mysteries.

Song Length 4:56 Genre Jazz - Contemporary, Blues - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Relaxed


The cold grey veil of night is falling.
The stars are creeping into view.
I am all alone my darling.
Alone with these thoughts of you.

I can't believe you've stolen my heart away.
You've given me all I was dreaming of.
I don't know if the sun will shine today because I'm Lost Without Your Love.

Since you've gone away I'm lonely and I'm feeling oh, so blue.
I am feeling oh so sorry that I said those things to you.

And now it sounds like an old cliche.
We made a vow under the stars above.
I don't know If I can find my way because I'm Lost Without Your Love.

Lyrics James Eisele Music James Eisele
Producer James Eisele & Ken Koeppler Publisher Blues By Night Music
Performance James Eisele: vocals. guitars; Gary Hollis: vocals, bass guitar; Michael BB: keyboards; Tony Castenada: percussion; Terry Galloway: drums Label Blues By Night Records
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