All of These Woes

Story Behind The Song

Wrote this song a long time ago. Recorded it on my 4-track at home with my band Blues By Night. Always liked the song so I recorded this version -- the best!

Song Description

Raw, raucus, rockin' blues made slick by the slide.

Song Length 4:01 Genre Blues - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150)


Some kind of feeling has come over me.
I try to be happy but the blues won't let it be.

All of These Woes, making me as low as can be.
Dragging me down lower than the ground underneath your feet.

My woman left me this morning and my dog ran away.
My cat he don't know me, even the mice don't want to stay.

You know the luck I've been having could drive a man insane.
Nothing good ever happens and I'm always to blame.

Got me a lucky charm and I rubbed it everyday.
It didn't change my luck none but it felt good anyway.

Lyrics James Eisele Music James Eisele
Producer James Eisele, Douglas Tracy Publisher Blues By Night Music
Performance Jettin' James Label Blues By Night Records
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