Tha Bishop feat. Zim Digital - Nobody

Song Length 3:52 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - Progressive
Lead Vocal Duet Male Similar Artists None. Period!
Language English

It's very summery, nice and laid back. Love the different singer and different feel in the verses and the break giving a different rhythm before coming back to the main theme/chorus. And the lyric idea is a great one for keeping interest, yeah sounds pretty good in Philli there.

Vocals are great.

I'd have no problem leaving this on the radio on a summer day, might even turn it up and put the windows down.

Very nice, funky but relaxed mix. I really liked when the beat would stop, pause for a few seconds, and then pick up again even stronger, all while the vocals continued the regular rhythm, independently. I also liked the chiming sort of instrument, not sure what it was, synthesizer or keyboard. It gave the song a softer, gentler feel to it, which I thought was very effective in shaping the mood of the song

good concept. and message. Keep Up with it!

Loved the retro feel and the relaxed track your rapping to. Reminds me of the late 80's, 90's time. That's when rapping told stories, heads bobbin', everybody feelin' good and listening to good music. Great job!

Lyrics Tha Bishop and Zim Digital Music DopeBoyMusic
Producer DopeBoyMusic Publisher BMI
Label Husky Records LLC
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Clean Clean

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