Laguna Beach Smoothie

Story Behind The Song

A very peaceful day at the beach. You can literally hear the waves on this georgous, warm, sunny day by the water.

Song Description

Mellow sounding classical guitar takes the majority of the solo for this medium uptempo instrumental.

Song Length 3:02 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Latin - Tropical
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Composed, Peaceful Subject Beach, Ocean, Sea
Similar Artists Santana Era 2000 and later

Potential - probably placement in film or advertisement. The whole track sounded like one big hook. Really well played/mixed. Would I listen to it again - Absolutely. A pleasure listening to it, loved the drive and upbeat feel.

First thing to say, the lead guitar is stuff there. Lovely guitar patches. The melody is intoxicating and infectious, (if it can be both at once). The tune has real drive and energy, but in a restrained way, which suits the theme. Shades of Chris Rea and then Santana. Overall really beautiful.

I love this cool kind of jam that you can listen to while either working or driving and you can talk over it if you need to. Its nice mood setting music. I also like the effect of the rushing ocean in the background. Great playing. Excellent production.

Very cool instrumental. Fantastic guitar work, which comes to a very nice crescendo near the end. The wave effect is dynamite.

Music Howard Siden Producer Howard Siden
Performance Howard Siden Label Howard Siden
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