Broken Flowers

Song Description

A beautiful emotional sounding track. The string quartet comes in at 3:46.

Song Length 4:52 Genre Latin - Rock, Rock - Modern
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Moving, Enchanting Subject Sadness, Shyness
Similar Artists Santana Era 2000 and later

Emotional and heartfelt instrumental power ballad that features a lead melody from a solidly played electric guitar that is ultimately reminiscent of some of Santana's instrumental pieces that he became famous for throughout the last four decades.

This bluesy hypnotic track really shines and would work well in a soundtrack that wants a Beck, Clapton, Gary Moore type vibe.

I love the way this song starts with the lead guitar, sounds a lot like Santana. I also really think it has a professional feel to it - all the instruments really blend well together - very cool tune!

Music Howard Siden Producer Howard Siden
Publisher Howard Siden Performance Howard Siden
Label Howard Siden
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