Story Behind The Song

I started off writing music when I was 12 years old. I ate music in High School and went to college for music. Not sure how it happened but life took over and I did everything BUT music. Well now I am back because I realize their will never be the perfect time to live the dream. The time is now.

Song Description

There are so many obstacles that come in your way in life that you sometimes forget what your original goals were. This song is about the reflection we sometime get as we reminisce about how things could be. It then discusses how you should seize the moment and live your dreams now.

Song Length 3:04 Genre Pop - General, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Composed Subject Dreams, Courage
Similar Artists Mandy Moore, Celine Dion Language English
Era 2000 and later


Highways on the beat of life
The dusty roads goin by
Are always there to keep your mind away from all the

Glory days ahead that mean so much
The tender love of a daddy's touch
Making everything the way it should be, but

Your losing faith, amazing grace that God bestows your destiny
Don't wanna wait, the time is now for you, to take it through and see
All you are, and you were meant to shine
Good things come to those who wait, but now is the Time

This time, don't change, your mind, it's right
This time, don't blame, your life, it is time
For you to be, in your destiny
No time's like this time, it's about time

The sacrifice, the lows and highs, bad times are all behind
You've paid the price, let all your memories pave a smoother ride
Pray tonight, is just the night, destiny is taking flight
Believe inside, a magic moment on a melody will

Set you free,
And give you all your heart desires
On a breeze, lifting you, Higher

Time to fly
Time to try
Time for everything 'round to breath
It's your life
Be on fire
Time for you to breath

Lyrics Osie Brown Music Osie Brown
Producer Osie Brown Publisher Osie Brown
Performance Heather Hussey

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