In The Mood

Song Description

Fresh RnB.

Song Length 4:12 Genre R & B - Funk, Jazz - Fusion
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal


Boy I like ya
The way you move yo hands and
You just don't understand that
I want you as my man and

Take my hand
And hold it just a little
Make me feel so special
Come closer let me tell ya

That I love it when we kiss
I hate to reminisce about you
I don't want to miss you
I think I love you
I think I need you

Love is for the moment
Everybody knows it
Yet you've got me feelin so good
Boy It's so good
You've got me In the Mood

You keep me feelin fine and fresh
So much love I must confess
The way you move makes me say yes
You've got me In the Mood

Touch me, love me, let's undress
Hold me, kiss me, feel my breath
Show me love that never rest
You've got me In the Mood

Soft music playin right
Rose pedals candle light
This night just
Keeps on getting better

Slow touchin' make it smooth
No nothing's can stop me from
Being with you yea

You got me groovin baby
Poetry and music baby
I wanna stay forever in this moment
I feel smooth and lazy

Cause I love what you doin'
You're giving me that crazy feelin
A quiver inside, and down my spine
You've got me In the mood

This love is, the finest of wines
Don't rush this, boy take your time
Rose pedals candle light
Soft music playin right
This night has, got me In the Mood

RAP (Rich Quick)
Yo yo!
Now I can stunt like I'm the type to do the candle lights
Or play in the night together right?
I ain't even the romantic type
I grab the wheel when she my Vanna White
I lead the savage life
Ravage the mic, she understands the fight
I'm In the Mood for something sexual I'm texting you
I'm interested too, cause on the road there's no one next to you
I wanna spend the time that I got left with you
Undressing you caressing you getting you In the Mood

This is not a fight
I think about you when I'm out a night
I live without you doin' fowl but I'm about it right
Do it to you slow, then change positions and go
Knocking it right, then we call it a night
Before the show I let you know I be around a lot ho's
A lot of ladies love me so I try to practice self control
I guess I'm just that kind of dude, but you girl'
You're the only one that gets me In the Mood, this is raw

Lyrics Osie Brown, Rich Quick Music Osie Brown
Producer Osie Brown Publisher GrammyBoy Entertainment
Performance Emily McMullen

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