O Fortuna

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O Fortuna is a well known song that is widely used commercially. However the song is in Latin and no one really knows what it means. This is that song properly translated by meaning.

Song Length 3:03 Genre Spoken Word - General, Classical - Classical
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Composed, Moving
Subject Courage, Determination Similar Artists Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash
Language English Era Before 1600


The battle is upon us,
we didn't ask for it,
but its here nonetheless.
Some of you,
may be praying,
for good luck to help keep you safe.
Let me tell you somethin,
about old Lady Luck,
that so called
Goddess of Fortune.

Oh Fortuna,
just like the moon,
her cycles are never ending.
Once a glowing delight,
then dark filled with spite,
with a womb that is never conceiving.
Her tight clenched thighs,
reject your tries,
with a wry smile and disingenuous curtsey.
Whether your bonsai,
or a redwood high,
we are but a forest of wet dreaming.

Good luck is her pet,
a fool's worthless bet,
a roulette wheel that is never ceasing.
Whether wealth or status,
vain or pious,
her passions lie only with obliterating.
Behind darkness,
in leather black dress,
a quid pro quo of pure sadistic misery.
Her joy is your pain,
to spoil her games,
we must take all of her depraved treachery.

Her fate hunts us,
it sickens us,
seeding her doubts within our resolve.
We're driven then pursued,
burdened then moved,
somehow indentured to this vile possessor.
Well before deaths clock tolls,
and claims made on our souls,
I will recite for you these eternal words.
That in the end,
fate kills all great men,
so come now,
and become great,
with me.

Musically there are some really nice moments and the ethereal voices add an interesting undertone to the piece.

Well I didn't see this coming that's for sure. And i mean that in the best way possible. Although I don't tend to gravitate toward this style of music (or more appropriately Spoken Word with instrumentation) I found this little ditty interesting. From the way the artist approached the words to the sample that was used. I'm not sure what original title of that song is but Conan the Barbarian came to mind. Lol! I like how the rhythm of the words started to syncopate with the music as the song progressed along. Dark, twisted and unique. Very cool! Hopefully I get to review more by this artist Thanks

Instrumentation is too linear

Well balanced production piece. Always good to hear the Lyrical content and not to be drowned out by the Instruments. Well done.

Very interesting vibe on this piece. Haunting, but beautiful

A great vocal performance. You really feel the pain and emotion the artist is trying to convey.

I've never heard anything like this before on Broadjam. Obviously a deep thinker and skilled wordsmith, this poet/prophet delivers a sobering message and death/luck/fate. Not especially hopeful, but driving and realistic, it begs to be heard. Thought-provoking, original.

I love this...........I want to hear more

An interesting juxtaposition of classical music progression meets modern poetry, with lyrical concepts that build a series of questions around the historical/mythological idea of "Fortuna". There are some bold, evocative lyrics here, only held back by a relatively quiet and restrained recording.

Lyrics William E Hauber IV Music William E Hauber IV on MIDI
Producer VioGenesis.com Publisher VioGenesis.com
Performance William E Hauber IV Label VioGenesis.com

O Fortuna

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